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MA-60™ Military Grade Soil Stabilizer

MA-60™ is a highly concentrated acrylic blend with a medium particle size that can be used for soil erosion or as a full depth stabilizing binder.

When spray applied to a soil, MA-60™ permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. This process forms a membrane and conforms to the gradation, slope, and contours. Repeated applications will increase the thickness and the end results will eliminate soil permeability and erosion caused by wind and rain. MA-60™ is resistant to high UV and remains waterproof for long term durability.

As a stabilizing binder, its acrylic formulation resists high and low pH levels and low admix rates yield superior results. 

MA-60™ will

  • Increase CBR

  • Increase Density

  • Increase Flexural Strength

  • Increase Impact Resistance

  • Increase Unconfined Compressive Strength

Download MA-60™ Information

MA-60™ Airfield Construction for USMC

MA-60™ for Erosion Control

MA-60™ can be topically applied to prevent soil erosion. It's unique formula can last five years or more in extreme UV and will create an impermeable barrier against wind or water erosion

MA-60™ applied to slopes in Peru
MA-60™ pigmented Green for
water erosion in Dominican Republic