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LAS-320™ Non-Toxic

Asphalt Sealer and Preservative

Sealing your driveway with LAS-320™ is a great way to protect it from the elements that over time destroys it. Your asphalt driveway is an asset that's worth protecting and a little investment into sealing it can extend the life of your blacktop many years, improve the curb appeal, and increase the value of your property.


LAS-320™ is a non-toxic eco-friendly fuel resistant asphalt sealer developed for military airports to protect asphalt against damages from fuel spills and is classified by the FAA as a Fuel Resistant Sealer. It makes a molecular bond with the oxidized surface that penetrates and seals cracks.  LAS-320 ™ makes the surface impervious to water, fuels, oils, and chemicals,  Ultra Violet damage, and helps prevent freeze-thaw damage.

Asphalt pavements do not last forever because external factors destroy the oils that bind it all together. Heat & Sunlight accelerates the deterioration process; salt and other chemicals will also act as a catalyst.  When oxygen and water contact this binder, a chemical change takes place. At first, this process is necessary for the pavement to become hard and firm. After time if this process is not stopped, complete deterioration will take place making the asphalt brittle and eventually reduce the pavement to a layer of loose stone.


Using LAS-320™ will help prevent water intrusion which leads to base deterioration, cracking, and potholes. As the climate changes, LAS-320™ expands and contracts with changing temperatures unlike conventional sealcoating products, LAS-320™ will not crack, fade, or peel.


The easiest way to apply LAS-320™ is by pouring it directly on the surface and spreading it out with a broom. LAS-320™ can be sprayed with an airless paint sprayer or with asphalt spraying equipment. Most driveways will have at least a few cracks which should be repaired first because even small cracks will grow wider and longer over time. Cracks that are ¾” or less can be filled with coarse sand immediately before application by pouring sand on the cracks making sure they are filled completely. Small hairline cracks can be sealed with only the LAS-320™. Typical application rates range from 60 to 100 square feet per gallon and will depend on the surface texture, porosity, application method, and other factors.

Download LAS-320™ product information

1,400 square feet

Residential driveway


Application of LAS-320 by hand provides instant curb appeal in less than two hours

5,000 square Feet

Residential Driveway

LAS-320™ spray applied with a 12-volt pump and Garden Hose sprayer in less than two Hours

20-Acre Industrial site

LAS-320™ spray applied with conventional asphalt sprayer

Easy Crack Repair

Filling cracks with sand and LAS-320™ to prevent damage to asphalt 

Commercial Application

LAS-320™ applied with custom built spray equipment. Application rate is over 300 square feet per minute