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Duraseal Plus™

Stone, Concrete and Masonry Sealer

Duraseal Plus™ is a non-toxic sealer used for impregnating and priming mineral surfaces used for treatment of concrete, stone, and masonry surfaces. Duraseal Plus™ is applied to above grade vertical and horizontal surfaces and excellent for use on precast and poured concrete, paver and clay brick, mortar, grout, limestone, travertine, and concrete wearing surfaces. It is excellent for use on interior and exterior walls, patios, sidewalks, parking decks, Sports Arenas, and industrial floors.


Duraseal Plus™ is a deep penetrating breathable water-based formula that is easy to use, VOC compliant, nonflammable, non-yellowing, and will not alter the appearance or texture of treated surfaces. After treatment, it reduces capillary absorption but does not clog pores resulting in a breathable surface.


Hard dense stone like granite or marble is not recommended for use with Duraseal Plus™. Test your surface first by wetting with water; If water adsorbs and darkens then Duraseal Plus™ will seal and protect.


Duraseal Plus™ is

  • Breathable

  • Non-glossy

  • Ready-to-use

  • Non-Slippery

  • Resists alkalinity

  • Colorless, odorless

  • VOC < 6 grams/liter

  • Resists chloride salts

  • Won’t change texture


Duraseal Plus™ treats

  • Natural Stone

  • Artificial Stone

  • Parking decks

  • Sports arenas

  • Clay and Concrete Brick

  • Cast and Poured Concrete


One saturation coat is recommended for vertical, smooth, dense concrete or masonry. For textured or horizontal surfaces, a second applied "wet on wet" should be applied while the first coat is still damp. The surface texture and porosity will affect application rates.


Clean up hands and tools is fast and easy with soapy water immediately after use. All drips runs and over-spray must be cleaned while still wet. Duraseal Plus™ does not protect against efflorescence or hydrostatic water pressure and should not be tinted or used on glazed surfaces.



Approximate Coverage Rates⃰

Brick:                    150 to 250 ft2/p/gallon

Concrete:             100 to 450 ft2 p/gallon

Stucco:                 100 to 300 ft2 p/gallon

Stone:                    85 to 500 ft2 p/gallon

Paver Bricks           80 to 200 ft p/ gallon

*Depending on porosity and texture,

always test first for suitability and satisfaction



5-Gallon pails                          

55-Gallon drums

275-Gallon Totes

Private labeling available 

Duraseal Plus™ is the Clear Choice

Download Duraseal Plus™ product information