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Soil Stabilization, Dust, and Erosion Control

Enviroseal manufactures polymeric products used for stabilization of poor grade soils by increasing CBR, density, permeability, and other engineering characteristics. Typical applications are for road construction, dust control, airfield maintenance, and prevention of soil erosion on slopes.

One product may not be correct for your application based on site conditions, budget, or end use. Considerations for high or freezing temperatures, tropical or arid climates, temporary or long term use, should be considered beforehand.


Enviroseal manufactures different co-polymer blends specifically developed for these varying conditions and can recommend the best product to achieve your goals.

For over 20 years, Enviroseal has maintained a high degree of customer service and we are committed to recognizing our customer’s needs. Our services include custom blending, transportation directly to the job site, and on-site technical service.​

Our Soil Stabilization products include

Enviroseal M10+50™ is a modified acrylic copolymer supplied in concentrate that is diluted with water and applied to soils to increase engineering properties. Once applied, polymer particles coalesce, the water evaporates, and what remains is a tough and durable binder that increases Bearing Capacity, Flexural strength, chemical resistance, and is waterproof.


Enviroseal LDC™ is an economical liquid copolymer that is diluted with water that binds soil particles together to prevent dust and erosion for lasting performance. LDC™ performs on all types of soils including sand, gravel, silt, clays, and  is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and is colorless when dry.


Enviroseal MA-60™ is a proprietary blend of acrylic resins that withstands Ultra Violet degradation and is recommended for topical application for erosion control. It is also an excellent binder for soil stabilization, especially when incorporated with cement. 

Enviroseal MVA-60™ is a high solids modified vinyl-acrylic copolymer diluted with water on the job site. Topical application is simple and cost effective. When spray applied to a soil, MVA-60™ permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. When used as a stabilizing binder, high  strength increases are easily achieved with minimal admix rates.