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M10+50™ Military Grade Soil Stabilizer

Enviroseal M10+50™ is a high quality modified acrylic copolymer supplied in 50% concentrate and is diluted with water on the job site. Once applied, polymer begins to coalesce, the water evaporates and what remains is a tough and durable binding agent.  

When used as a stabilizing binder, high unconfined compressive strength, increased bearing capacity, soil density, flexural strength, and impact resistance are achieved with minimal admix rates. Once cured M10+50™ is  resistant to most chemicals, and will be waterproof.

Topical application is simple and cost effective. When spray applied to a soil, M10+50™ permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. This forms a membrane that attaches to soil and conforms to the gradation and contours. Repeated applications increases the thickness and the end result resists erosion through wind and rain. M10+50™ can be pigmented green for an aesthetically appealing look.

M10+50™ will

  • Increase CBR

  • Increase Density

  • Increase Flexural Strength

  • Increase Impact Resistance

  • Increase Unconfined Compressive Strength

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