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ADA Trail and Cart Path Construction 

Accessibility is an important part of trail development because it ensures nature trails are available to all groups, including the young, elderly and people with disabilities. Trails are mandated by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which requires certain design standards to be in compliance with the law. ADA compliance for handicap access is important to keep in mind as a trail enters the design and construction phases.​

Walking paths and nature trails that are constructed for recreational purposes are held to less stringent standards that road construction. While concrete and asphalt are the usual choices for handicap accessible trails in urban and developed areas, they may not be suitable or affordable for trails in open space, parks, and other areas.


Construction of ADA compliant Trails or Cart Paths can be done using Enviroseal M10+50™ as a binder using common construction equipment. The finished result is a solid impermeable surface that has a natural aggregate appearance and meets or exceeds ADA requirements for surface stability.


The installation process is simple and is ideal for local, state, and federal parks, golf courses, and private communities as well.


Enviroseal can recommend construction techniques and application guidelines specific for your project and we can offer on-site technical assistance to ensure a proper installation that will last years.

Using M10+50™ for Trail construction