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Non-Toxic Asphalt, Concrete & Roof Sealers

Enviroseal manufacturers products for stone and concrete sealing, roof coatings, and asphalt sealcoating. All products are eco-friendly and manufactured at our factory in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

We supply contractors and homeowners who want high quality products designed for interior and exterior applications. Our mission at Enviroseal is to provide outstanding products that improve the appearance and add to the life cycle of commercial and residential properties without compromising safety or the environment. 

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RoofGuard is a clear coating that is applied to asphalt shingle roofs to prevent hurricane wind damage and extend the life of your roof several years or more with just one application. RoofGuard™ acts as a barrier against wind and water which helps prevent roof failure and has passed 130 MPH wind tunnel testing. It dries clear and is guaranteed to perform by eliminating granular loss and algae growth for five years or more. RoofGuard™ is listed with the US Patent and Trademark office under US Patent Number 8,058,342

LAS-320 is a non-toxic fuel resistant asphalt sealer developed to protect asphalt from accidental and premature degradation. It makes a molecular bond with oxidized surfaces that penetrates and seals cracks that makes the surface waterproof, chemical resistant, eliminates UV damage, and can extend the life of your asphalt by ten years or more with just one application. LAS-320™ is easy to apply and provides instant curb appeal.

Duraseal Plus is a deep penetrating breathable sealer that impregnates stone, concrete, brick, or other masonry surfaces. It is easy to use, odorless, and VOC compliant with  less than 6 grams/liter.

Duraseal Plus™ is nonflammable, non-yellowing, and will not alter the appearance or texture of the treated surface. When cured, it will reduce capillary absorption but will not clog the pores which results in an invisible barrier protecting the surface for years with just one application.

Duraseal Zero is water-based film forming acrylic sealer designed to provide a durable clear topcoat for concrete, masonry, wood, or other porous surfaces. It protects against dusting and stains and can be used indoors or outdoors. Duraseal Zero™ is recommended for commercial and residential projects.

RoofGuard Application
LAS-320 Application
Pool Deck treated with Duraseal Plus
Brick driveway treated with Duraseal Zero